Car Rental Kepala Batas. Make us Your Number 1 Priority.
Car Rental Kepala Batas. Make us Your Number 1 Priority.

Car Rental Kepala Batas. Make us Your Number 1 Priority.

There’s so many Car Rental company in Kepala Batas, but which company provide the best rated and best price car rental in Kepala Batas? Continue to read and find out how to save more money while using our Car Rental Kepala Batas service.

Car Rental Kepala Batas. We’re Number 1 in town.


Most of user and citizen reside in Kepala Batas already has a car on their own. But why you still need to use our service when the time come and why by using our car rental service you may save money on long run.

There’s a car for everyone. Literally everyone.

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Our vast selection of vehicle plus the competitive price, make us the number #1 choice in Kepala Batas Penang. If you’re looking for a small,compact and fuel saving vehicle, there’s Perodua Axia and it’s certified EEV by Perodua. With an average of 19km/l, i’m sure it will blow your mind. But wait, there’s more than just a compact car. Who say you cannot feel luxurious while spending a dime with our vehicle selection. Stay tuned to find out more.

Car Rental in Kepala Batas. Where Do We Located?

We operating as online establishment and only will meet up the client after the confirmation on vehicle and date. Car Rental Kepala Batas area both online and physical shop. In today’s world where even parking up the car at the roadside is chargeable and compoundable by district authority. We try to cut the cost down by operating via online virtual shop, and by doing that, only we able to provide you the competitive and good pricing for everyone that need to use our service.

But, for those who need to come and see the car before confirming the order, you are welcome to our mini office in Kepala Batas. Only small limited number of car and van is kept there. Call us first to check whether the car is available for viewing by clicking this link.

Type of car we provide in Kepala Batas Car Rental. And how do I select the right car for my usage.

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Firstly, by providing us your rough budget for rental will be a good way to start the conversation. And by doing that, also enable us to offer you a similar or much better selection if the car you require is not available on said date.

Second, please provide the pickup date and time. And return date and time. Full information on this will help our staff to choose and set the rental schedule on the day your request. Also, easier for our staff to give competitive pricing

You’re most welcome to click on any page or link provided to read more or find out info about said car rental.

Affordable and fun to drive car rental in Kepala Batas.

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We have many selection pricing from RM 100 to RM 199 perday. Feel free to call us here by clicking the link provided. Or can use WhatsApp if that’s convenient with you. To name a few, most wanted car is Perodua Axia and Perodua Myvi. Rated at RM 120 and RM 130 respectively, it’s a good choice for you and your family. Why not call us and book car rental Kepala Batas today.

Looking for a larger or sedan car within this range? We have Perodua Myvi and Perodua Bezza. Both car is good at handling and fuel efficiency. You will not regret to choose these car.

Larger and able to bring 7 people MPV. Affordable MPV in Car Rental Kepala Batas.


The perk of using MPV compared to using sedan is larger seating area, comfortable to ride for long haul and most MPV is equipped with twin air cond blower. You can rent a car or MPV in Kepala Batas using this link for booking purpose. Our selection for MPV classes is Perodua Alza, Proton Exora, Nissan Grand Livina and Toyota Innova(Manual transmission)

While using MPV provided by Car Rental Kepala Batas is mostly not everyone cup of tea, but for those with large family or need a larger space for storing any item they purchased or bring back from ‘kampung’, this kind of vehicle surely will cater all your need.

Pricing for MPV 7 seater is start at RM 200 to RM 300 perday. Just select the model needed, WhatsApp us for booking, pay the booking and set the places for delivery. And you good to go. By using our car rental Kepala Batas, there’s a huge saving versus purchasing a new car solely for seldom usage. Why Buy when you can rent for a few day. Right?

Most larger MPV in Kepala Batas Market. Hyundai Starex. 11 seater MPV


While most MPV is rated for 6 to 8 people can seat in it, this giant MPV surely can fit you family, your uncle, your aunty, your jiran also if needed. All 11 seat is comfortable for long journey trip, spacious luggage area and most importantly, come with second video screen for rear passenger.

While the size is quite jumbo compared to compact or most sedan car, the price for rent it per day can make you smile all the way to your destination. Rated at RM 450 for older model, this giant MPV surely able to go and back to Kepala Batas without any problem.

Our mini shop located in Permatang Bertam, Kepala Batas. Call Car Rental Kepala Batas today.

For those who need to come and view the vehicle first before confirming the order are welcome to come to our mini shop. Open daily from 10 am till 5 pm. Limited model and unit kept at our mini shop in Car Rental Kepala Batas.

Do call us here for viewing, inquiry, confirmation and any further info. Or you can also use WhatsApp to chat with us if our phone line is busy.