Van Rental In Penang With Driver. Free Quotation, Fast Response.
Van Rental In Penang With Driver. Free Quotation, Fast Response.

Van Rental In Penang With Driver. Free Quotation, Fast Response.

Hi there, if you stumble upon this blogpost, chances are you looking for a van rental in Penang. Find out how your plan for vacation in Penang or going out of Penang will come true with us.

Van Rental in Penang. We cover both area. Mainland and island of Penang.

Van or minivan as we all know is a vehicle that seat more than 8 people, it’s a people mover, transport for good, and many more. Since 2010, there’s many selection of van capacity being import to Malaysia. Toyota, Nissan, Merc, PlacerX and Joylong to name a few of famous and reliable brand in Malaysia market.

Van rental being preferred for our client because of the passenger capacity, easy to maneuver, safe to drive and easier to go from point A to point B because all the team member is within same roof.

Furthermore, there’s no need special license to drive our van in Malaysia. As long you have normal car license is all required to drive the van.

Smallest van, Toyota Hiace is 11 seat van, 2.5liter diesel turbo, come with A/C to fight back the tropical weather in Penang.

Toyota Hiace Van. Small but powerfull. Rent a van in Penang today!

Manufactured in Japan, this small van is fully imported to Penang, Malaysia. Default configuration is 11 seater with no DVD screen. One of few pioneer in new latest design of the van. Be it interior or exterior.

Number 1 choice for small group, small family for their own usage. With the gear knob located at the dashboard level, integrated and neat for driver side. With the new design, its enable a larger and spacious area at foot level for driver and co-driver area.

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Air conditioning is dual blower, front and rear passenger area, with separated fan speed level. There’s no complain nor feedback for this type of configuration.

Most of our van is upgraded and equipped with Android touch screen audio video player. Long journey to hometown never be the same as usual. Kids and adult at the back passenger area can enjoy whatever movie you throw in the player, driver get peace of mind driving without distraction.

Powered by 2.5L turbodiesel engine, with 5 speed manual with 70 liter fuel capacity. The power is there. Wherever you wanna go, how long you gonna drive, it’s up to the renter. The road is yours, enjoy the journey, enjoy the companion with our Van Rental in Penang.

Van Rental in Penang. 15 Seat Van.

Nissan Urvan NV 350 is one of the most reliable brand and comfort in mid large van. It can seat 14 passenger with one driver. Dedicated seat for each passenger, the seat arrangement is 4+3+3+3 for rear passenger.

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These model, NV 350 is the latest installment from Nissan to cater larger group and to make a comeback from previous version of their van.

Self drive or with chauffeur is available for everyone. Just click this link to call us or click here to WhatsApp us without ever need to save our contact number. Easy right?

Largest Van available in Penang, 18 seat van.

18 seat or 18 passenger in one trip you ask? Our answer, why not? The largest van in our inventory and still can be driven by yourself, given you familiar with the way to navigate and handle this beast.

PlacerX is the model name of this van rental in Penang and it’s no joke when it say can seat 18 people in one van. Only one drawback you getting from using this van if it full with 18 people. There’s no extra luggage area at the back of the van. But worry not, our van is equipped with an area that can make do to store the luggage or your item/bag.

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But, if there’s need to use a driver with our 18 seat van rental in Penang, just pickup the phone and click this link to call me directly. Firdaus. We always ready to answer anything you have regarding this van.

Don’t stop here. We have VIP 18 seat van rental. Yes. VIP

Why the need to use our VIP Van Rental? Comfort, freedom of mind, privacy, once in lifetime experience and the service is on par with what you pay.

Our VIP van is equipped with full leather seat, recline and retract adjustable to your own comfort, full audio visual with a karaoke function, experienced driver and many more to list here.

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Most of our client upgrade to VIP van for above point. After all, holiday is not holiday if you and your group is tired with a flat, hard cushion on your buttock after a long drive.

Extra care on the van servicing, maintenance, vehicle well being has been taking care of to ensure smooth journey, on time departure and arrival, no time to waste when you join our private chauffeur service.

Most of point already been elaborated and been filtered for public audience, feel free to contact us via below button for any further info regarding on how to book the van rental in Penang, or how to hire our chauffeur service in Penang.

We operated mainly via online platform and our HQ office is located at Butterworth. If there’s any need to visit our office, please send us a WhatsApp or call us for booking a slot for office visit in case there’s a need to meet up.

With a new modern world where all transaction is done via online, trust our service with a secure payment method. Wherever you are, be it from Malaysia or oversea, most of all major banking option is there.

To call us for any inquiry.

  1. Pickup your phone

    Dial +601155072642

  2. Introduce yourself, when you need the service, how many person in the group, how long your group need the chauffeur service.

    By providing us the detail, it’s help us to better understand your need and able to provide the competitive pricing. It may take sometime for us to reply with the correct pricing depending on the information you provided.

  3. We will provide official quotation within 48 hours.

    Please provide your email address, phone number and we will have the quotation ready for you shortly.

Frequent asked question.

How to book the Van Rental in Penang?

Simple as ABC. Drop us text via WhatsApp, provide your desired van size, date to rent, and pickup location.
After everything is finalized, we will send you a secure payment link for confirmation.
On arrival, we will ready at your requested place to handover the van.Penang beach, Monkey beach, feringgi beach, miami beach penang.

Does the van rental in Penang include Insurance?

Normal insurance is covered by default for driver and passenger. Any exterior damage is to be covered by renter as the insurance has certain lower limit threshold for it to function.Penang beach, Monkey beach, feringgi beach, miami beach penang.

What’s the minimum hour can I rent the van in Penang?

For short trip while been in transit in Penang, we recommend using our private chauffeur. If not, 1 day is the minimum hour needed to rent our van.

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